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Mara Star Wars

Buzzing Mind

It's strange. Some days my mind literally buzzes with a million different things that I want to write down - either for myself or to share with others. Today is one of those days. I'm almost blinded by the list of things that I feel I need to write down before they float off. Some are related to stories, some are related to daily life. I've made notes about most of them. Some will get written down properly later. Some will become forgotten. Some I will glance over later and wonder why it felt like something so important that it had to be given a voice.

This happens to me with stories as well. I have a list of fan fictions with at least ten different ideas and a list of at least eight completely original stories. I know myself and know that actually slowing down and putting pen to paper, giving words to my ideas is hard. I know that only a small fraction will ever come to light, let alone get the attention their due.

Often the ideas will simply bubble in the back of my mind until they fade, or until the bubble grow so strong that I have to write it or I will go mad. My vampire mystery story has almost reached the point where I will go mad if I don't give it voice. When I finish my current project hopefully I will give it its due. As I get older and realize that I don't have forever, and ironically as I have less free time, I find that I have started to pause and take the time to write ideas and stories down. My train ride to and from work has become a haven for words.

Have others had that feeling? Where there are ideas that must be put to paper or the idea will spin around your brain until you can't think about anything else?


Ideas are often bubbling for me in large numbers, but they don't have that sense of urgency. I mostly ignore them, and the good ones stick around while the bad ones languish from neglect. The exception is things I need to get done (I use e-mail to myself to track them) and things that come from dreams, as dreams are super-hard to hold onto.