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Mara Star Wars

Bizarre dreams

Any time I can remember a dream I had, I remember it vividly. This morning was no different. I woke up at 5am after dreaming that I'd been in the woods with some friends (who weren't people I'd ever actually met) when a small green diamond-back snake fell on my arm and bit my wrist. It was about the size of a garder snake, and the bite didn't her per se, but this red line started working its way up my arm towards my neck. I panicked and the people I was with rushed me to the hospital. I was on the phone with 911 trying to find out what to do, while trying to look up the nearest hospital on my cell phone while my friends drove the car down the highway.

We got to the nearest hospital, and they knew I was coming because of my 911 call (this is a first for me - usually 911 does nothing helpful in my nightmares). They still insisted I fill in the stupid entry paperwork while they called upstairs to find out what to do about my arm. By this point, the red streak (about an inch wide) had made it nearly to my shoulder point.

The secretary calmly tells me that they'll see me in surgery as soon as I finish with my paperwork and to hurry because they need to amputate my arm before the red stripe reaches my head. At this point, I panic so badly I can barely write, and eventually they give up and take whatever I've filled out before leading me calmly upstairs. All the while the secretary is talking about how I'm really lucky I got there before the stripe got too high because if it got any higher, they wouldn't be able to amputate and I'd die. And I'm panicking about how I'm inches from death and they're walking me through the hospital like it's any old stroll. I'm also panicking about how I don't' want to lose my arm, but I also don't want to die and ask the secretary/nurse why amputation is necessary. He explains that the poison sticks to the inside of your blood vessel walls and replicates, growing along the inside towards your brain. There's nothing that can clean out the inside of your blood vessels and no compound that can counteract the toxin in time. The oozy infectious stuff will spread to your brain and kill it.

I'm just coming to terms with the amputation (barely) when I get seated in front of a doctor who's asking me all sorts of questions while I answer as quickly as I can and watch the red stripe out of the corner in my eye. As far as I can tell it's made it to my collarbone and I'm sure I'm going to die. Then the doctor says "oh, it missed". I wake up, panting and ready to scream.

Maybe I can use this to inspire an alien for a story, and get the fear out of my system that way...