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Mara Star Wars

Cleaning House

I have 4 christmas ornaments I'm trying to find new homes for and 2 star wars m&ms.

- Yoda glass ornament
- (hallmark) clone trooper lieutenant, 2005
- (hallmark) red queen amidala, 1999
- (hallmark) slave I starfighter, 2002

Ornaments have a new home.

I believe that amidala hung on the tree one year. I don't *think* I ever opened any of the other three.

The M&M star wars characters are luke and leia and also still in their box (they're a set).

Anyone want any of these?

Here's the pic of them all: http://www.oocmonster.org/pictures/picture.php?/93/category/10


Finally got my better half's opinion, and she'd like the ornaments (assuming they're still sitting around). She already has the M&Ms ;)
They are all still here, I'll try to remember to bring them in this week :-)